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What Residential Property Survey Report Tells About United Kingdom Property Market?

What Residential Property Survey Report Tells About United Kingdom Property Market?

United Kingdom(UK) as most of the people aware that its known as systematic market of the realty where the process of buy and sell real estate property based along legal documentation and association with realtors. As the UK counts in highly educated societies. Business links with different industries such as real estate with laws, transportation and different of media mediums. Brokers and property owners use different media, social media and internet etc for property ads.If we talk about internet, there are very famous websites such as Gumtree , eBay and private realty websites such as rightmove is specific to real estate related findings. People go on the internet and use these websites and mobile apps etc to search different properties. Moreover, Newspaper daily and weekly and paper ads on shops also use to renting rooms or rent home or flats is a popular and cheap way to rent or buy properties. Furthermore, Billboard and banners still popular method to advertise property in the United Kingdom. So we can say that’s all mediums helps customers for good research and decision making and also a healthy business society where the information gathering is simple and the reach of every customer.

Predicted House Price Inceases Over 5 Years In England 
The above image shows the information about the united kingdom residential property price increases over last 5 years. The picture tells the story of price increase in different parts of the united kingdom in real estate sector. According to the given Photo, the highest number of percentage% can be seen in the North West part of the country which includes Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside etc.These areas are based on tourism and small business and property value very low.However, there was 21.60% increased  in the level of prices for last five years. There are the same kind of price increase column can be seen in surrounding areas of North west such as Yorkshire, East and West MindLand and Wales and its main cities are Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Liverpool etc and the prices grew between 19% to 20%, respectively. Whereas, The South East and West part of England include Surrey, Sussex and Essex and New Hampshire etc.These areas known as the countryside and counties.These areas are on south seas and usually consider the warmest area than the Northern England and also attractive with nature, farms and beaches.The real estate property is expensive and that’s why the price increase rate is lower than the northern part of England. In last five years there were 9% to 12.60%, respectively increased rates can be seen in the East England, South East and South West. So we can say that these areas expensive than the North. The North West and East of England.  

Predicted House Price Inceases Over 5 Years In London

We talk about London, which is the capital of the Great Britain and the biggest city of the country. There were only 4.50% prices increased in previous five years.Which were far less than from the other parts of the country. The main reasons of this small prices increase is the value of London real estate industry. London is the revenue generating area known as financial hub of the country. People different countries and work and keep accommodation. there are heavy taxes of residential and commercial properties.  So this is also a reason of small increase. Moreover, London city or greater London main industries are tourism, education, services, entertainment and small business. So most people are not local. Furthermore, there were a huge inflation in the united kingdom which cut jobs and shutdown small business force people to sell out properties and move to another part of the united kingdom.The high percentage of residential house prices in another part of England is the example of less increase prices in London. Busy life and less time of enjoyment in London is also the reason of small increase. if we look at London city mostly people are not native. They came different parts of the world working or studying in London or tourists.