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What is The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Real Estate?

What is The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Real Estate?

 Social media brought a revolution is the world of business. Very fast and specific marketing for any business and its focus and targeted its customers anywhere in the world. Social media marketing is not a hard process and business can promote whatever you want. Social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Google are main companies which provides platforms for business companies. Moreover, the LinkedIn which made more specific with business companies and profiles for different businessmen and candidates.There are different social media websites now became more advance in the shape mobile apps. The main reason for social media websites are the popularity of these websites among people. People all over the world use social media websites, i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitters, Google and Instagram for many different reasons to surf time, keep themselves busy to content people for friendship, relationships, share information and videos in the beginning. Later these social media gives more specific options to its customers in terms of groups and personal and professional pages. Nowadays, these social media is the most popular form of communication amongst people

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Impact of Social Media Marketing in Real Estate

Social media websites and Business

 As we all know social media is the popular form of communication in the modern world. People use hundred of hours a month on different social websites just for communication, entertainment and gaining more and more knowledge. Business form and companies focus on social media because of its large number of population which use these websites and marketing companies use this website because in 2010 an MBA student first time research on social media marketing and concluded that social media i.e.Facebook brings positive impact on different business because Facebook has potential customers as there are from different professions and communities attract business companies and different sectors to come on Facebook to advertise their message of business for desired customers. Moreover, Different other social media sites such as, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and now Pinterest  more clear that social media marketing is the feature of different businesses.
 It’s a more advance, customer oriented and specific and according to the desire of the business company to advertise their business campaign. Furthermore, These websites are more customized than other marketing mediums.It keeps messages personal and the cost of marketing is cheaper than other marketing mediums.There is no bounder of the message go wherever you want to bring customers on board.

Social media Marketing and Real Estate Industry

Real estate considers a very rich industry in business communities and realtors are billionaires in different parts of the world. However, It was hard for them to create a promotion campaign all around the world. Globalization and the advancement of the internet made the job easy for realtors to communicate with people anywhere around the world. Now real estate agents can work on their laptops through their websites, social media pages and they bring more customers and advertising their listings. There are different social media websites, realty personal pages, social media pages, blogs and official websites help them to advertise and promote their listings with complete details. Moreover, Before internet realtors, only able to communicate with local or regional customers as the advertisement of international medium was expensive and out of reached. But the advancement of the technology help realtors to go worldwide and increase the revenue.Social media marketing in real estate generate more customers and different country realtors attract international realty customers so now customers can invest anywhere in the world where ever they want. 

Social Media and Realty Marketing

Social media impact positive as well negative impacts on the real estate business

  • Social media helps realtors to go in international market 
  • Social media helps to gain more knowledge and information for realtors and customers.
  •  Social media marketing is target oriented and focus on specific communities 
  • Social media is the cheapest in term of marketing capital
  •  It helps to cover different regions.
  • It’s easy and advance in usage a person can make a campaign.

Negative Impact of Social media marketing in Real Estate 


  • The margin of profit is decreasing if there are many stakeholders offer the same product with less price