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What are The Types of Real Estate Marketing in Realty business?

 What are The Types of Real Estate Marketing in Realty business?

Real estate marketing or advertisement is a vast field and the way of communication for real estate advertising and realtor agencies. You often say different kind of information about sales and purchases i.e. home for sale, house for sale, rent, investment and many more.That’s all information is related to property or real estate. In real estate business people usually do business with personal contacts and who are new in the realty business often thinks that for property business a person should have personal contacts or buyer. This is not true 100% for any kind of business. To develop the business and earn money as a business person you need to promote your products.There are different sources of the promotion and in business language we call promotion an of tool marketing and advertisement. Real estate agencies or real estate agents need listing and leads to increase their business and property owners also need to sell their properties quickly. Both realtors and real estate clients need a source of marketing to find a buyer for property simple for realtors to use marketing and advertisements mediums for their property and to complete the process they conduct different mediums and agents pay for promotion. As they are many for sale by owner listings so they contract with different companies. However, individual property, house owners or commercial properties owner have also same option but its an expensive and complicated process for them so most of owners also contact with real estate agents. In all Marketing is only an option for realtors so they have to contact with different mediums for advertisement and their property listing.So we can say that different sources of marketing can be a good tool for property survey for clients and realtors.


Publication and advertisement starts with the invention of printing machines. In beginning books, paper ad and newspapers were only the sources of an advertisement and people use this for long time. However, Advancement of the technology and research and development business company uses this advancement of the technology for their business promotion. The development of print, electronic and now social media and internet brought an advancement and revolution in marketing. Here, We will discuss all medium of promotion one by one.



The oldest form of communication where people can print and page one side, both sides. Mostly people on leaflets puts information about the business. It’s not an expensive form of advertisement and the promotion of the business. Beautiful message about business and only helpful for a business to tell customer in the area where a business is operated. In real estate business leaflets only useful for telling about customer about your location and nature of the business where designers can put information about a business and contact information such as business postal address, phone number, email and real estate website address. So the main aim of this kind of promotion just tell people around you business address or property that you are operating in specific areas. However, for big clients and brief detail of property is not a useful method for realtors.


 Another written form of advertisement where real estate agencies use this for promotion. this method is similar with leaflets.However, you don’t need to distribution one by one. In this type you need a banner and need to design and paste on the big wall in an open place. It considers an expensive way of marketing in real estate. Realtors usually use this for company promotion and the marketing for their mega projects.As mega projects of real estate such as shopping malls and commercial shops and flats, consider the investment of billion dollars so developer do not hesitate to spend in such king of marketing. This type of promotion can only generate the lead or listings in only local area or where the billboard is located. In the modern era of technology now billboards are converted in digital screens and LCD’s.


A newspaper is the sources of communication related with news of politics, business, sports and art, etc. According to the world news survey, there are 2.5 Billion newspaper reader in this world who read newspaper daily. As the newspaper is the source of communication from government side so in first world, particularly in EU, UK, Canada, USA and Australia government provides free newspaper daily for public and the best example of such newspaper is METRO and evening standard which published in the United Kingdom and newspapers are free for public. However, Different business in these newspapers pay for advertisement. That’s why Metro or evening standards are full of advertisement and marker ads in other news. Moreover, Government usually provide such newspapers in buses, tubes and trains as well. In different parts of the world newspapers are the basic sources of information and its still popular in public. The popularity of this medium attracts real estate companies all around the world to advertise their listings. It is more specific for readers and also local and on national level. It is not an expense.

Newsletters or Magazine

 Property magazines and newsletters are the form of printing, promotion. It is a specific for real estate business. In first world specially in EU, UK, Australia, Canada, US, also china, Pakistani, India, Japan and East Asian countries now real estate agent, publish newsletters and magazines for their customer. As it is more specific and related directly with letting agents listings so buyer of reality mostly interested to buy such property magazines and newsletter. Here, real estate readers can find all kind of information with full descriptions about house for sale or home for sale and also for residential and commercial property investments. In such magazines, individual real estate owners also advertise their listings. You often see advertised in magazines such as houses for sale by owner, home for sale by owners or shop to let or property to buy and lets. that’s usually belongs to individual owners. Newsletter or Magazine advertisement is useful and bring direct clients. However, it’s useful in specific cities and only available where publishers are available to sales magazines and newsletters.