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How To Use WhatsApp Business Accounts For Real Estate Marketing In 2019?

How To Use WhatsApp Business Accounts For Real Estate Marketing In 2019?

WhatsApp Business Account For Real Estate MArketing in 2019
WhatsApp is the messenger owned by Facebook since 2014.It is the messaging tool of texts, voice and video calls. It is the most popular tool used in all androids and smartphones. The popularity of whatsapp standard version encourages facebook to lunch WhatsApp business vision for business communities because mostly business related people use the standard version. However, business what’s app gives more features than the standard version for business communities. Business WhatsApp is a useful tool of communication for small businesses to provide information worldwide. This is the specialty of WhatsApp business to give your message to a large audience with no cost. Just install the application and used free of cost.


 Difference Between Standard WhatsAp And Business WhatsApp Account And Usage

The usage of WhatsApp business is similar to the standard what’s app and its main purpose of this business tool for business to the customer only. It’s easy to manage products, communicate and placed orders quickly. To make WhatsApp more useful business person needs to give detail information about business and it includes name, physical business address, company’s website, contact information and social networks. WhatsApp is smart and individual business account a person can keep personally rather than giving the control to personal assistant. It’s a useful tool for direct message and efficient reply. Moreover, it’s useful to update shareholder and, stakeholders directly and personally.

WhatsApp has the same logo with small differences in color. As it is a business tool tool so it’s better to buy an app rather than free because of app store everyone can update or make fake WhatsApp application.As a business firm it can be dangerous for your business activities and information. Moreover, WhatsApp published an FAQ page, which clearly guide you about the usage of what’s app tool. The FAQ page helps you to recognize real business WhatsApp tool by answer questions and answers. Furthermore, Business WhatsApp tool helping you to block contacts and reports illegal activities on the application.WhatsApp business tool was used in beginning in the UK, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico and US as a communication tool to market different products. Now the popularity of these messengers attracts the business community of Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some Gulf countries. However, The people of China preferred Wechat as it originally from China. Because china want to promote its products and they are interested to promote local brands, like Ali express, Ali Baba, wechat etc. Moreover, some South American countries are also avoiding to use WhatsApp Business messenger. Although WhatsApp business provides communication facilities in several languages.

How Real Estate Professional Can Use WhatsApp For LIstings?


Realtors can use WhatsApp business tool for marketing purpose to promote listings through text messages whenever something new in the market, i.e. house for sale, flat rent, shopping malls, land sales and purchases, commercial realty and residential realty. It is a nice tool to provide information about realty. Moreover, The video and photo features make it more attractive where letting agents or brokers can send images, videos and voice messages to targeted customers globally.There is facility to share message from WhatsApp business to Facebook, Twitter,Instagram,LinkedIn,Medium, Google+ and many other applications. Furthermore, Realtors can create groups to make listings advertise in groups. So it can be a good source of information for realty businessmen to get more understanding with international realty markets without spending any money. It can be a helpful tool to increase business abroad and also transfer documentation of property to one place to another place via business WhatsApp messages. Realtors need to create their business profile with complete information rather than personal information. It’s a business tool and better to use for real estate activities.It’s the best way to use a business app in ethical ways. Brokers can put company logo, address, website address, phone numbers and in bio real estate brokers must add professional expertise with number of years and specializes such as if realtors are experts in commercial property, residential real estate, home sale or rental realty. WhatsApp business tool is the best in term of real estate services.