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How to use "Twitter for the Real Estate Marketing Campaign." ?

How to use “Twitter for the  Real Estate Marketing Campaign.” ?

The growth of the internet and web categorize social media in different ways according to professions and interests. Just imagine what was before social media in our lives just friends and colleagues only face to face communication and live stories of different events occurred in our lives. However, The cyber world follows the same route on the internet. There are different mediums of social media network sites with different interests i.e Facebook for social gathering, communication, knowledge and entertainment.Whereas, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat for videos and images sharing where all groups of people love to share their memories and live events every day with the people of the world, friends and families. If we go for entertainment and information visually we have YouTube. The hub of videos where a billion of channels connect us with the world entertainment and information. While twitter gives us information about the politics and news of celebrities where people of different professions share personal thoughts and opinions live from their mobiles.

All these mediums helps business communities to use these channels for promotion of their products. Because majority gives them potential and way to advertise or market their products. Because for marketers, Social media network sites are open ground to play for targeted customers. We can say that social media networks are sources of business because all kinds of people use this medium and its online shopping or findings for them where customers can go and survey about peoples’ thoughts, lifestyles and choices. Moreover, Business firms also use social media to understand customers’ desire of needs about fashion and related things. Real Estate also uses social media for marketing, presents listings, relators needs. Furthermore, Social media networks helps customers for property survey about home for sales, lands, apartments, and rental related queries.

The Social Media Marketing on Twitter

Twitter is social media networking websites from the USA and its main function to give us online news about celebrities of different industries. All famous people use this social network for personal opinions about the different incident and people, i.e. Bill Gates, Doland Trump, Barack Obama, Imran khan, Lord Sugar and other personalities use twitters. In twitter users use accounts personally and someone they hired employees called the social media manager provided by social media agencies. As it is belongs with famous people, but now its free to make account on twitter so anyone can build a social media profile. In Twitter users post, or messages known as “tweets”, posts, tweets, retweets, copy, paste and likes the post are main features in Twitter account. Twitter provides services in more than 100 languages.The advancement of smart phones and app allow users to use to use social media apps from the Google App store and Apple apps store for downloading. Twitter was appeared on social network sites in 2006 first time and created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and till 2018 there were 1.6 billion people on twitter and 319 million monthly actives users.

Twitter as a social media platforms attracts individuals to communicate with others about personal opinions. Celebrities hired people to manage their accounts which creates social media management agencies to provide train social media experts. So we can say social media networks creates job on different social websites. The potential of the social media sites attract business to market their products. In modern world social media marketing is attractive tool to communicate. There are million of users and most of related with different business and jobs.Social media managers and social media marketing teams use social media analytics, which gives best figures to to make social media marketing strategy. The social network analysis helps social media agencies to make social media marketing strategy for different business. Moreover, In real estate industry Twitter can be useful tool for marketing because on twitter there are million of realty professionals, users and relators. Real Estate agents use twitter for listings. Twitter is branding tool which helps realty firms for breading. The popularity of twitter insists twitter management to provide paid services for advertisement.

10 Main things need to do on twitter for real estate marketing
Create Business Profile or account
Create Tweets
Follow Real Estate Realtor 
Follow Mortgage Broker
Create Content
Help to promote website and blog
Use twitter card rather than words
Must Retweet
Use Contents
Use unpaid services first