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How To Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing in 2019?

How To Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing in 2019? 

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The use of social media tools such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram etc, is very important in the real estate business because of public popularity of these social network sites. In business its too early to say either social media is bad or social media good for real estate marketing. However, Social media network sites importance role can not be neglected from human lives and business.Social media networking sites are important because of niche market and way of work, i.e. YouTube only videos, Facebook is medium of video, picture and texture, Instagram and Pinterest for brand imaging of the company. Pinterest is the new entry in business marketing mostly people are using for foods, travel and tourism or design related photos and videos. Now it is gaining popularity in Real Estate Marketing as Pinterest provides paid services to customers. This social network tools is essential to use for company branding. Because in the real estate company usually do not the stress of image or logo. While branding in every business is important. Pinterest is visual discovery, collection, and storage tool created in 2010 by founders Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, BenSilbermann in San Francisco, California, United states and available in more than 50 languages. Pinterest is gaining popular amongst SNS and business communities because of 250million active users worldwide.

Pinterest is a unique with its collection. The main purpose of this social networking tool to upload and manage images and video content. Pinterest is also a website and mobile app can download from apple and google play stores. Pinterest allow users to research images rather than use words.

 Pinterest business pages also available on Pinterest because the growth of business related images attract pinterest management to provide the facilities to promote a business via pinterest business page.

Pinterest Features

Pinterest has unique features for its customers and there are details about this social tool feature Pin.Pin or you can say the button is in pinteres feature use for image to link it from a website or upload.  


Pin can be use of one person to another and this process is called repining.The pain purpose of pins to advertising and marketing. It helps to promote an image.


Boards are simple language can be folded. In pinterest boards are the collections of pins with one single name. Boards can organize with themes and quotations in real estate listings. i.e. home. home sale and land.  


Exploring or guiding search is a unique feature of pinterest helps users to use keywords to narrow down the process of search. Following The pinterest provides the feature of follow or unfollow for its users. Users need to verify users in this process 

As pinterest is now becoming a business tool by providing business promotion features and activities.It attracts pinterest to use privacy policy against copy right contents as pinterest provides paid services so any copyright content can be removed any time.

The important things need to be remembered on pinterest use for real estate marketing

  •  Create a Profile
  •  Put company complete information
  •  Use original Images and Video
  •  Follow related users 
  • Use Hashtags before paid information
  •  Post regularly every day 
  • Avoid copyrights Contents