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How To Real Estate Marketing Works On Electronic Media Radio, Television and Cinema Screen?

How To Real Estate Marketing Works On Electronic Media Radio,Television and Cinema Screen?

The invention of electronic media includes radio, tv and cinemas attract many viewers during  20th century. In 21st century electronic media consider a popular form of the entertainment. In the beginning with the invention of electronic media was used for the information, knowledge and entertainment. Both radio and tv had same value in past and still in modern time all three form of electronic media are popular among people. The main features of the electronic media are dramas, music, news and current affairs.In the modern era businness brought more advancement in electronic media and it gave more advancement in term of programs as the live transmission of sports, conferences and satellite education system programs. All these features attract business communities to sell their programs on radio,tv and cinemas. Because electronic media has large viewership, which attract business related individuals, groups and companies to communicate about their products with customers. As this medium is the best potential and bring customers for different business. Real estate agents, agencies and development projects use this medium for advertisement.

Radio for Real Estate Marketing

The oldest form of communication, information and entertainment. Although radio is the very old tool. However, In the modern world the nature of radio is changed from a big wooden box to small box, then in tv, vehicles and now in mobiles. The radio keeps its presence in the all eras of life. Radio still has its importance among people as many people use this in the villages and where there is no other sources of entertainment.Drivers and car owners still like to turn on the radio during drives.Moreover, Radio channels brought advancement with its programs and these programs are the sources of income for owners and the popularity of these programs attracts advertiser use radio for their products promotion.This popularity attracts real estate agencies and agents to use radio for real estate marketing. Marketing of radio is an essential for realtors and sellers to advertise their listings because radio has small but effective audience. However, modern radio has small frequency or coverage and mostly radio do not cover 100 miles radius so its importance on the area where real estate projects are in progress. To make real estate campaign more effective realtors need professional marketesr who can make effective ads about real estate listings. Even its a small targeted audience still bring good customers because people from good profession use this medium. Furthermore, the promotion of residential and commercial real estate projects in local areas realtors need to contact radio for advertising their projects and it can generate good leads for realtors. Realtors need to participate in marketing campaigns on radio.There are several of reasons in participation on radio for realtors or developers. Realtors or projects developer’s presence of different radio programs gives customers confidence to listen and trust on project reality. Because commercial projects usually a scams in different societies. If officials related to real estate communication as radio provide the facilities to communicate with phone can be a useful strategy.

An Advertisement On Ratio To Generate Leads and Listings

  •  Make an advertisement script 
  •  Add complete information about projects and societies If camping is in the form of interview live on radio, must show legality or government Issues NOC for customers 
  •  Communicate live about real estate development projects if its specific. 
  •  Use prime time such as morning or evening time because at this time, coverage or   rating is high and make the add simple and understandable 
  • Cover all kinds of audience include women in the day time
Television For Real Estate Marketing

Television is the complete sources of communication ,information and entertainment. In past TV is only used for entertainment and news. However, In modern time tv is the most specific with its channel in term of entertainment, News and Current affairs, Religion programs, Women TV, Sports, Drama channels in different languages, Informative channels, local and international channels with the invention of dish satellite and cable.This is a good source of all aspects for tv professionals as this become a good industry for professional.Moreover, Those of tv divide its viewers which is hard to understand for marketers in real estate sector where to advertise or market their campaign because viewers are divided. In the past when there are only national channels in all countries was good for advertisement. The prime time which starts from 8pm to 11pm was considered good for advertisement.Although it was considered expensive but useful for marketing campaigns because people use that time for specific for TV. Today, still TV has a large audience.However, TV viewers are divided on their favorite channels even kids so it’s a difficult for realtors to decide for TV marketing. As its a big viewership still real estate agents need to use this medium for marketing and advertisement.

 An Advertisement On TV To Generates Leads And Listings

  • Realtors need to divide their marketing budgets for make marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Advertisement on national channels and it has a large audience and one language so it’s a potential for realtors, 
  •  Make ads attractive with visual and information. 
  •  Use cable channels as they can advertise for specific local people where ever you want. 
  • Use business channel for advertisement as real estate is a business industry 
  •  Select prime time and popular channel and program because they have some  serious  viewership 
  •  Use prime time 8pm to 11pm to make advertisement

Cinema For The Real Estate Marketing

Cinema is a big screen and specific sources of entertainment. Cinema is an old and still popular form of the entertainment. Cinema is not only popular, but its limited in languages. the popular entertainment in term of movies. It is also good source of marketing in real estate marketing. People are more crazy and passionate about loves as its comes few time in the year on cinema so people come to watch movie with proper arrangements. Realtors can attract and communication about their listings anywhere in the world with their ads. I do not think so its an expensive as very few business industry use this medium

An Advertisement On Cinema To Generate Leads And Listings

  •  Make a brief ad visual and printed for cinema 
  •  Become a three hours sponsor for movie locally and specificlly
  •  Run commercial about your listings, projects or about real estate.
  •  Make it specific such as in the beginning, break and before the all.
  •  Use leaflet about your real estate or project related and present for customers with ticket. 
  • Check the popularity of the film before campaign to make it more effective and useful for real estate customers.
  • You can make this campaign internationally where you expect audience or customers about your projects. I.e. if the project is Mumbai Indian, there are thousands of Indians in UK, Canada, Australia, Kenya, South Africa and USA. 
  •  You can target customers.